You’re Fired

This will surely get some feathers ruffled and start a few fires. But I’ve never been afraid of the heat…….LET’s GO!

If you watch any type of TV, listen to any radio, or involved with any Social Media, you can’t help but to hear about sexual misconduct allegations that has surfaced around men in the entertainment industry.  From people I’ve never heard of like Harvey Weinstein, to Bill Cosby, to Charlie Rose, and now Matt Lauer and many others.

I have questions tho……


  1. Exactly what type of misconduct are we talking about? Are these flirts, inappropriate languages, touching, some pimp like services, what?
  2. What was the atmosphere like when all of this was going on? Was it a club scene? Were yall in the office? Who was around? Were yall playing and then one thing lead to another? Did you say stop and they kept going?
  3. Are these people just jumping on the band wagon like frogs jump from one lilly pad to another?
  4. How long is too long to state your truth? Were you just going to hold this in until someone else decide to come out with a similar story?
  5. It amuses me that reporters are reporting on other men with sexual misconduct….the next week these same reporters are accused. Is your heart not jumping out of your chest when covering said stories? Why didn’t you resign…i.e Matt Lauer?
  6. Are men even aware that they operating in this gray area of sexual misconduct?
  7. We just gone fire all these men…..but yet yall put #45 in office when he stated clearly that he like grabbing women by the vagina!!!!


To those reading these questions, you may think that I don’t have a heart. But I honestly do. I am a woman. I have a daughter. I have a grandmother. A mother. A Sister. I have Aunts, Cousins and Friends. You name it, I have it. So I would never want anyone to go through these horrific things. On the same hand, I have a hard time showing empathy in these cases when people jump on the bandwagon of other people. Yes, the platform is nice, but be bold enough to stand in your own truth when it happens. I also have a hard time believing that the men are not victims as well. One, because I know how women are. I know that a woman will do anything to get what she wants, especially if she wants it bad enough. I know that women loves attention from men. Two, all these men that are being accused are rich and powerful men. Where are the men that’s working a typical 9-5? You know the one that’s making your Turkey Burger on Rye with a slice of Avocado? It’s a Catch 22 situation for me. I feel bad for the women and men. But I feel bad for the women who don’t have a voice until someone else comes out and make an accusation. If these things have ever happened to you, I am truly sorry. Speak Out Now. Stand in your Truth. Don’t hold it in. And to those men who are just nasty perverts I hope you get what you deserve.



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