What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question)

Mid-Day Snack:

The question is, Does Money Buy Happiness.

In my opinion, I don’t think money can buy complete happiness but I do believe that money can be the bridge that connections satisfactory with relief.  You’re satisfied that bills are paid, you’re relieved that you don’t have anything to worry about, etc.   However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are in complete happiness.  There could also be other missing pieces in your life where money is not fulfilling such voids.

What are your thoughts?

Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…? Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. For example, let’s say happiness for you is paying money to not watch someone suffer through hard times. Now you can make a lot of money and hate all […]

via What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question) — Millionaire’s Digest Magazine


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question)

  1. I don’t think money can make me happy but I do think that it can contribute to some of my happiness but not all of my happiness it would be great to have my bills paid and to have my car paid off but still that’s not going to make me happy because then I know that the all that is paid off I can end up getting credit cards which would not make me happy and then that’s more money that I have to Shell out so no money can’t make me happy.

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