Celebrating my birthday with a GIVEAWAY!!

It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!

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What are you doing for YOU?

I’m at a point in my life where I feel like my life is in total chaos.  I’m overwhelmed, overworked, and slowly running out of energy. I’m working two jobs, only because I want to, while also preparing to move, planning a wedding, and running here and there. I tend to stay up late trying […]

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Delayed but not Denied!

In my opinion, one of the worst things that we can do, at any age, is to believe that something will not or cannot happen to us.  These “things” either being negative or positive.  For example, a person thinking that they will never be pulled over by the police or a person believing they will […]

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Snoop Dogg’s Bible of Love

When I first learned that the once gangsta rapper was putting out a gospel CD I was one of those people who laughed and ask if this was really real.  Someone pinch me please!  I honestly didn’t know if I could take the songs on his CD seriously.  I mean we were talking about the […]

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If I asked you what your superpowers were, what would you say? Would it take you a moment to answer or would the answer to this question come rather quickly to you? For many we have to think about our answer.  Or we would name powers that we wish we had instead of powers that we know we […]

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