Dos & Don’ts (April Edition)

Who’s ready for another exciting month of Dos & Don’ts?  If you’re not ready, you should probably get ready because its that time again and we’re coming at you full speed!  But before we get started, I believe I can officially say, Happy Spring!  With that being said, be sure to get those pedicures done before you bring out the Flip-Flops! 🙂 Let’s put this on the top of the “To Do List” for the season!

Now that we have that out the way, here’s what Shana has listed for us this month.  You know the routine.  She gives her suggested Dos and Don’ts for the month and I follow up with my response.  Here are the links for JANUARY, FEBRUARY, and MARCH!

Shana:  Stop telling people your next move, show them!  People would rather see you fail than succeed these days.

Toya:  In today’s day and age, this is definitely true.  ESPECIALLY with social media.  Everyone talks as if they are making money moves in these streets.

S:  Travel, it’s important to get outside of your little bubble.  Even if it it’s a little weekend get away.

T:  Travel or just take a day or two and stay home away from everyone and debrief.  Chilllld.  When I tell you it’s necessary.  It’s necessary!  Typically, when I travel those are busy days for me as well.  We are always on the go, trying to maximize our time away.  I remember taking off of work and then telling everyone I was off and I’ll end up having to run a million errands on my day off.  Not anymore.  If I’m off and it’s not a holiday I’m not telling a soul.

S:  Give advice when asked but also listen.  Listening is important, sometimes that is all someone needs.

T:  This is why God gave us two ears and one mouth!!! (I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in!)

S:  Mind your business, I think some adults forgot how to do this.  If you weren’t in the conversation don’t insert yourself.

T:  I think this is true, especially, if it’s a face-to-face conversation.

S:  My mom always told me to treat the janitor the same way you would treat the CEO.  No one is better than anyone else.

T:  Good advice mom!  If I could take this a little further, I would also say, lets start treating Black and Brown people the same way White people are treated.  There is still a lot of white privileged people and EVERYONE should be treated the same.  At work, in public, in life, in general.

S:  People talk about kids being bullies, but I see and hear adults doing it everyday.  I think we all need to check ourselves.  Push those crowns up don’t tear them down,  you don’t know what kind of battle someone is fighting.

T:  Adults try to bully other adults only because they are insecure and unhappy.  You have to overlook people like that.

S:  Learn how to take constructive criticism.  If you did something wrong, learn from it, and move on.

T:  Learning how to take constructive criticism is very important.  However, it takes time to learn this concept.  Sometimes you have to just sit in the “criticism” before you respond and react.  

S:  Take chances, don’t have regrets.

T:  You know, I was listening to something earlier in the week and the question was asked, “When was the last time you took a risk?”  Taking a risk here and there is important.  You never know if you can succeed if you never try.  Usually our biggest fear or biggest risk is where our biggest blessing lies.  It’s all about taking that first step of faith!  

S:  So, you know I love to clean.  Well I recently found this company, Grove Collaboration-they have all natural cleaning supplies so your house doesn’t smell like chemicals.  I love it!  The lavender is my absolute favorite.  Here’s a link if you want to check them out.

T:  Ok, I see you throwing in your plug! 🙂 Girls, check out the link above and get your cleaning grove on!  I need some a-la-carte shopping.  I don’t like the whole bulk scheduling orders, but I’m going to browse around a little more to see what I see.  Join me!

S:  If you are contagious sick, don’t leave your house.  I can promise you that no one wants what you have.

T:  And in that order!!!!!  Keep yo’ tail at home!

S:  If you aren’t going to do at least 5 over the speed limit, get in the slow lane.  There are people that would like to go around you.

T:  Calm your road rage!  Haha.  Typically, I’m not a road rage type of girl…..I try not to let things like that bother me.  Whether you are going 5 miles over or under the limit I can usually work my way around you.  

S:  Try to make the most/best out of everything because time really does fly by, you never know how long you have.

T:  I feel like we talked about this last month!  This statement is true though. 

S:  Your glass is always half full!

T:  I guess this would depend on whose glass it was!

S:  Make a bucket list and actually do some or all of the things you write down.

T:  My bucket list has always been the same.  To visit at least all the 50 states once and to visit as many new places as possible throughout my lifetime.  

S:  Try new things, as in food because they say your taste buds change every 7 years.  I know mine did after I had Harlow.

T:  Ironic as it seemed, this happened with me.  I couldn’t stand grapefruit and now it’s not so bad.  I also didn’t like celery and actually while I was pregnant I ate the entire stalk.  It was right at Thanksgiving; when I tell you my daddy had to go to the store to buy more celery for the stuffing, he did!  

I just love doing these each month and I certainly hope you all enjoy reading them.  Do you have a bucket list?  If so, tell me one thing on your list.  Have you taken a risk lately?  Do you believe your cup is half full or half empty?  Please tell.

Shana lives in VA with her husband and daughter.


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