Watch me Shimmer!

Monday’s sure do come around fast but it’s nothing that we can’t handle, right?

I wanted to take a minute to share with you some good news I received yesterday.  I received notification that my blog, 5 ways of making the most out of Twitter was being featured on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #173 blog.  As shocked as I was, I also thought, “You go Girl!”

It has always been my desire to inspire and reach men and women in the masses when I started this blog and slowly, but surely, I (we) are getting there.  Thank you all for continuing to ride with me on this journey of blogging!

A note from me to you:

Never be afraid of letting your light shine.  For you never know whose life you will touch in the process.  Just like two people on different ends of the world can look up into the night sky, viewing the same moon at the same time, watching it glow in all of its glory, you are the moon to millions of people around the world!  You never know when someone is watching you or how your light can influence them.

Therefore be radiant in all that you do!

via Daily Prompt: Radiant


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