College Survival Kit!

My curated survival kit for college. Any high school graduate would love this!

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I’m Guilty……..and loving it.

As I carefully sip my Lime Spritzer…… I’m guilty of : Eating in Bed. Staying up too late and then oversleeping. Missing a month of working out. Having 30 bottles of wine (I’m working on my collection). Browsing the internet at work. Being too hard on myself at times. Binge watching TV Shows. Skipping meals. […]

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Every year we take my grandmother to the casino for a ladies weekend trip.  My grandmother, my mother, two aunts, my sister, and of course, yours truly: ME!  Going to the casino is one of my grandmothers favorite things to do.  So we always make sure she gets to enjoy that at least once a […]

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Dear Momma

In a world of dismay and uncertainty, our mothers are our backbone and strength.  They are able to bring us laughter and joy and direction when needed. From the day we are born they’ve nurtured and protected us.  Their daily prayers as we’ve traveled to school, with friends, and even as adults have placed permanent […]

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Dos and Don’ts (May Edition)

Can you believe that we are already 5 months into 2018?  Which means it’s time for another edition of “Dos and Don’ts.” Please check out prior months HERE.  Also, if you have a “Do or Don’t” that you think we should hear please feel free to send them my way at toja@itoja.com.  You never know […]

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