Spring Cleaning with my Favorite Vacuum

We’ve finally made it!  Spring is here; it’s time to hang up our coats, clean out our closets and tuck all of our extra blankets into our storage tubs until next winter.  Finally, we can open the windows and let the sunshine in.  With extra sunlight we’re doomed for being exposed to extra dust!  Hence, the term “Spring Cleaning!”  So, with that being said, I want to inform you guys of my new robotic vacuum–just in time for your Spring cleaning rituals!

Honestly, I never knew that I would be so in love with a vacuum until now.  This just goes to show that 1) I’m getting older 2) Anything that can operate on its own while getting the job done, is a WIN in my book.Check out the Ecovacs Deebot Robotic Vacuum cleaner found HERE.  It’s my new favorite item!

I debated on purchasing this item for a while, but the thought of having a vacuum that could literally vacuum my entire house without me having to put in manual labor had to be tested.  Today, I’m so glad I went with my gut feeling.img_7154

This vacuum was designed to be used on both carpet or hard floors.  It comes with a home base (for charging) and remote control.  You can also download the app onto your phone if you’re fancy, as well as controlling it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant! 🙂  With the remote, I can set it to run every day on a timer.  Or I can manually push the button for it vacuum the entire room.  Other modes on the vacuums are vacuuming the corners or around the wall of the room, concentrating in one area–this came in handy when I needed to get up the pines from taking down the Christmas tree.

My two favorite features are: A) It has stair safety technology so it WILL NOT fall down the steps.  Believe me, I tested it out.  B) It knows its way home back to its base.  Just press the Home button on the remote and the vacuum goes home.  How cleaver is that?selling_point_1539362772DEEBOT-N79W-PC-09

With this vacuum, I often treat it like my Crock Pot–Set it and Forget it!  I’ll let it run for about 45 minutes, assuring that my floors are nice and spiffy.  With easy clean up and one less thing that I have to find time to do, my Spring Cleaning will be done in no time!  (Here’s a bonus: my husband even uses it!  shhhhhhhh)

What are you using this Spring to clean your house?  Please share your top cleaning secrets in the comments below!  Or purchase my new favorite vacuum!  I’m confident that you will love it just as much as I do!  Just be sure to thank me later!

This post may contain affiliated links but all opinions are of my own!


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