I’m Guilty……..and loving it.

As I carefully sip my Lime Spritzer…… I’m guilty of : Eating in Bed. Staying up too late and then oversleeping. Missing a month of working out. Having 30 bottles of wine (I’m working on my collection). Browsing the internet at work. Being too hard on myself at times. Binge watching TV Shows. Skipping meals. […]

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Watch me Shimmer!

Monday’s sure do come around fast but it’s nothing that we can’t handle, right? I wanted to take a minute to share with you some good news I received yesterday.  I received notification that my blog, 5 ways of making the most out of Twitter was being featured on Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging Inspire Me […]

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The Days of our Lives

Here I am in my late 30’s and suddenly I feel like time is just moving too fast.  For years it seemed like I’ve rushed life away.  I’ve been a little girl, desperately wanting to be a teenager.  Then once I became a teenager my 20’s couldn’t get here soon enough.  Now that I’m in […]

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Is meat really killing us?

I have a dilemma.  We have a dilemma. Over the weekend, a dear friend of mine who lives in Texas was out and about.  Like many of us, sometimes it’s just easier to grab food while you’re out.  It was convenient so that’s what she did. I’ll just speak for myself and say that I […]

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My heart is in pieces #Parkland

Last night I sat in bed and just scrolled my Twitter timeline and read all the text from students who sent “I love you” text to family and friends. Not because it was Valentine’s Day, but because their school was under attack.  They were living in the moment of a mass shooter running through their […]

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My Day Was Eff’d Up!

This is how I would describe my day using only adjectives; from morning to night: Fuzzy Fabulous Fearless Friendly Focused Fine Frustrated Framed Fuming Furious Forlorn Faithful Feisty Fatigued I’ve literally felt every emotion today.  It’s cool.  Life happens.  How was your day?  Could you pick a letter to describe your entire day?  I’d like […]

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