Do cheating boyfriends turn into cheating husbands????

Today we discuss a FB status that was recently on my timeline. What are your thoughts?

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What are you doing for YOU?

I’m at a point in my life where I feel like my life is in total chaos.  I’m overwhelmed, overworked, and slowly running out of energy. I’m working two jobs, only because I want to, while also preparing to move, planning a wedding, and running here and there. I tend to stay up late trying […]

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Delayed but not Denied!

In my opinion, one of the worst things that we can do, at any age, is to believe that something will not or cannot happen to us.  These “things” either being negative or positive.  For example, a person thinking that they will never be pulled over by the police or a person believing they will […]

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Take me back, Dear Lord!

I miss the black church. But I don’t miss the drama. I miss the black singing, Spring revivals, choir rehearsals, conventions, and youth meetings. But again, I don’t miss the drama. I miss when the anointing would be so high you could barely get through the announcements.  Members shouting, drums beating, tambourines beating against the […]

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Dos & Don’ts (April Edition)

Who’s ready for another exciting month of Dos & Don’ts?  If you’re not ready, you should probably get ready because its that time again and we’re coming at you full speed!  But before we get started, I believe I can officially say, Happy Spring!  With that being said, be sure to get those pedicures done before […]

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Have you cut the cord?

Hey Friends!!! Today’s question is brought to you by whatever streaming service that is out seeking your patronage.  Streaming TV seems to be the new “IT” thing to do. I know for me, I was interested in saving money on my cable bill, however, I wasn’t really sure which route to go.  I didn’t have […]

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