Hello February!

Hello Readers! Welcome to the month of February.  This month we will be focusing on Black History Month, Love & Relationships (it is love month right? 2/14), and we will have our monthly edition of Dos & Don’ts.  I’m sure there will be some random blog post here and there as well.  So be sure […]

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My Day Was Eff’d Up!

This is how I would describe my day using only adjectives; from morning to night: Fuzzy Fabulous Fearless Friendly Focused Fine Frustrated Framed Fuming Furious Forlorn Faithful Feisty Fatigued I’ve literally felt every emotion today.  It’s cool.  Life happens.  How was your day?  Could you pick a letter to describe your entire day?  I’d like […]

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Think About This!

Mid-Day Snack: How can someone tell you, that something about you, isn’t of God?  If it is something dealing with me, I do believe that God would tell me specifically instead of telling you.  I do have a relationship with Him! When people are unhappy with themselves they will try to bring you down with […]

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5 Gifts That Anyone Can Afford!

Icing on the Cake: Time does not stop for anything or anyone and before you know it Christmas will be here!  We’ve barely gotten through the Halloween candy and it’s already time to put up the tree and shop for gifts.  For children this is really exciting but for us adults, it can be a […]

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